About Hay River

Welcome to Hay River! Hugging the shore of the Great Slave Lake, Hay River is the “Hub of the North” and also a hub of activity! Our small community of 3,500 residents boasts a large amount of activities and events, local attractions and the aspiration to return.

During the summer Hay River is bustling with activity, anything from our Fisherman’s Wharf, which takes place every Saturday to our annual Hay Day’s festival. Hay River also has beautiful beaches that rival the South and stretch on for miles. If you’re interested in exploring the area we have several different water falls that are only a twenty-five minute drive from town. This includes the Alexandra Falls, which is great for a picnic, and the Louise Falls where you can set up a camper. Our Mackenzie River, which flows into the Great Slave Lake is a prime spot for fishing, kayaking or just taking a nice boat ride. Our Hay River also showcases a beautiful golf course, which turns into an excellent cross country skiing trail during the winter months. If you are interested in the history of Hay River, both the Visitor Centre and the Hay River Museum are open during the summer months and exhibit photos, artifacts and events.

During our winter months be sure to gaze up to catch a spectacular northern lights show as the aurora dances across the sky! This time of year brings out the best in Hay River as we host a number of winter activities that will catch your interest. Our annual Polar Pond Hockey tournament brings teams from across the territories in a weekend of fun out on the river ice. We also host an annual ice fishing derby, as well as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing and dog sled racing. This coming winter we are proud to announce we will be co-hosting the Arctic Winter Games with Fort Smith. These games showcase athletes from across the circumpolar world and it will be taking place from March 18 – 24, 2018. If you’re in town be sure to come by and cheer on our athletes!

Hay River is the Hub of the North so come and be a part of our Hub of Activity!