Aurora Forecast

Please visit the Astronomy North website and Environment Canada’s weather site for Aurora and weather forecasts in the Hay River and Northwest Territory region.

Astronomy North is a non-profit society dedicated to northern sky education and outreach in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Founded in 2004, the society has played an active role to raise awareness of the nature, culture and wonder Canada’s northern sky through the development and implementation of projects and services designed to support the territorial economy, enhance northern curriculum and foster the collection and preservation of northern sky knowledge and heritage.

In 2008 Astronomy North released the Northwest Territories Astronomy Plan – a guiding document that encouraged the establishment of key partnerships combined with targeted investments in northern sky education and outreach. Nine years on, the society continues to achieve results through the development and implementation of projects and services that align with the plan.

Working in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency, Government of the Northwest Territories and the City of Yellowknife, Astronomy North volunteers strive to increase participation in the northern economy and to connect teachers, parents and students to Canada’s northern sky like never before.