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Public Works

The Public Works Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the following services: cemetery work, road maintenance, potable water distribution, sanitary sewage collection, solid waste management and snow clearing.

May 20th, 2022 – Curbside Debris Collection

The Town will soon be providing residential curb side pickup of flood related debris.  Residents need to be mindful of the proper separation and disposal of debris resulting from this year’s flood. There will be several passes from collection crews based on volume and type of material. However, curb side collection will not include debris that is bagged or not separated. Please see the linked document for more information on segregation and debris that will not be accepted.

Schedules for pickups will be communicated with residents in the coming days. Please call 1-833-699-0188  if you have construction materials requiring disposal. Please reference the link below for more information

Debris Curbside Separation

Debris Management Plan

March 25th, 2022

Residents and businesses on the piped water system in Hay River, please be advised that the Town is experiencing an unusual amount of water line freeze ups due to deeper than normal ground frost levels. Public Works is working with local contractors to ensure that service is returned as quickly as possible. These issues will likely continue as we move through spring.  To prevent the possibility of freeze ups a good practice of running your cold water tap for 2-3 minutes throughout the day will help. Also if you plan on being out of town or on vacation advise anyone checking on your homes to do the same daily.