Linda Duford

Linda is a long time resident of Hay River, having moved here with her family in 1980. Since 2000, she, along with her sister Nanette, have been an owner/operators of the “Back Eddy Resturant”. Prior to that, Linda had a long career in the banking industry.

Linda is also a music teacher/volunteer and has been involved with the Kole Crook Fiddle Association, as well as her own music enterprise, the Hay River Music Club, for many years.

Having recently sold the family restaurant, Linda now has the time to fulfill a long-time goal of giving back to the community by serving on Council. She is very passionate about the future well-being of Hay River and is very excited about her new role on Council. She is ready and willing to devote her time and energy to working with the new Mayor and Council to help Hay River grow and become an even better place to live.