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Kiwanis Nature Trail

The first stretch of the Kiwanis Nature Trail was started about 35 years ago – and it has seen continuous use and improvement in the ensuing years.

Starting at the ‘trail head’ at the DJSS grounds, the trail winds along the bank of the river for a couple of kilometres – and, for parts of it, you can believe you are not in the heart of a busy, modern community. At no point in this first stretch are you more than a few metres off Riverview Drive, the opposite side of which is lined with some of the first residences built when Old Town moved to New Town.

Although the trail is very well-used all year by residents, this has not deterred a healthy segment of small wildlife and you may glimpse a fox, rabbits, squirrels, owls or any number of birds as you stroll along. The preservation of a large amount of the underbrush has meant that many small songbirds, warbler and sparrow species, nest in the area – and don’t be surprised to be yelled at by a slightly irritated woodpecker if you come too close to his nest. Watch the water: you may see a bald eagle leisurely flying up-stream looking for his fishy supper; you will surely see duck, gulls, snipes, pipers – maybe even a loon. The trail is well signed, so you can learn about your immediate environment as you travel along.