Fitness Programming

COVID Protocols

The Town of Hay River’s Department of Recreation is responsible for developing, monitoring, and managing a community activity and recreation system which reflects the needs of the residents of Hay River.  

The Department of Recreation is committed to providing affordable and accessible recreational programming for all members of the community. We provide various recreational programming for adults, seniors, youths, families, and the community. 

For the most up-to-date information on programming please follow our Facebook page.

The Town of Hay River Department of Recreation has altered programming to meet the Emerging Wisely guidelines for COVID-19. All programming and services are subject to change at a moment’s notice. The Community Centre has adopted a mask policy, masks must be worn in the building at all times. 


The Town of Hay River has recently purchased various new fitness equipment to complete our new fitness space in the Multipurpose Room. The Department of Recreation and Community Services will be offering varied instructor-lead fitness programming to meet the needs and interests of the community.

Fitness Programming

The Town of Hay River is proud to offer a wide range of fitness programs to the community. Our certified instructors provide fun, safe, and effective workouts for all fitness levels and abilities.

The Fitness Schedule is updated every 4-weeks, classes may be moved, added, or removed depending on attendance and interest. 

Fitness Schedule

Spin Classes

Lunch Spin | Mondays, Wednesdays, & *Fridays 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm 

Sneak in on your lunch break for the perfect low-impact cardio workout. Lunch Spin is designed for all fitness levels. The intensity of your ride is under your control, allowing you to work at a pace that is right for your body. Classes focus on drills that build power and endurance on the bike and brief, high-intensity, bursts that push past your anaerobic threshold to increase your cycling power.

*Friday Lunch Spin is offered virtually. Please see the Virtual Programming section below for more information* 

Evening Spin | Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

A longer version of our Lunch Spin, Evening Spin offers the same low-impact cardio workout but with an added endurance component. Evening Spin is designed for all fitness levels. The intensity of your ride is under your control, allowing you to work at a pace that is right for your body. Classes focus on drills that build power and endurance on the bike and challenge you with brief, high-intensity bursts of cycling. 

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Sculpt | Mondays & Tuesdays 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm

Weight workouts focused on building functional strength led by a certified trainer. With a mix of cardio and weight training and new workouts designed each day, these circuit style classes are created to push your body while always keeping your muscles guessing! Sculpt is suitable for all fitness levels – modifications for exercises are provided and participants are encouraged to work at their own pace with guidance and encouragement.

HIIT | Mondays 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm

HIIT workouts are designed using weight training combined with high-intensity cardio movements to target and tone different areas of your body – every workout is different and focuses on different areas of your body! These workouts are led by a certified trainer and are suitable for all fitness levels as modifications for exercises are provided and participants are encouraged to work at their own pace with guidance and encouragement. HIIT will boost your cardio fitness, strength, endurance, and stamina!

Mommy Bootcamp | Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Mommy Bootcamp is a guaranteed great sweat for all fitness levels! This class is designed to be safe, challenging, and modifiable to accommodate any needs. Get a full-body strength workout in this interval class that combines cardio training and strength exercises in a super fun and supportive class setting.

Lunch Crunch | Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm

Lunch Crunch is a quick and dirty 30–45-minute bodyweight HIIT + core class. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and with Lunch Crunch, that’s exactly what you’ll get! This class is suitable for all fitness levels as all exercises can be modified to accommodate any needs. This class will build cardio fitness while improving your muscular strength and endurance.

Strong Seniors | Mondays & Fridays 10:30 am – 11:30 am

This total body workout is a great way for older adults to get started or to continue with strength training. Exercises are low impact and focus on building total-body strength and improving conditioning, with an emphasis on improving balance, stability, and flexibility while building functional strength.  

Combination Classes

Spin 30/30 | Wednesdays 6:30 am – 7:30 am 

This class focuses on strength and endurance. This class begins with a 30-minute low-impact cardio session on the spin bikes, followed by 30 minutes of strength training and mat work.

Sculpt: Head to Toe | Wednesdays 6:15pm – 7:15pm

Sculpt: Head to Toe is a choreographed strength + conditioning workout using body weight and hand weights. It’s a super fun workout, suitable for all fitness levels and is guaranteed to make you SWEAT!

Wellness Classes

Foam Rolling | Mondays 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm

Foam rolling helps release tension in the muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and improve flexibility and range of motion. Combined with some simple stretches, this class will help you hold onto flexibility and mobility,

6 foam rollers are available for use but bring your own if you have one.

Rise & Flow | Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00am – 8:00am 

Start your morning with movement! This upbeat practice gently guides you from responsive, waking-up stretches to energizing flow. Join us to kick off your day with attunement and intention. 

Vinyasa Yoga | Tuesdays 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Yoga for Strength is a challenging series that will bring strength to your practice. Throughout the class, postures are linked together in a flowing (vinyasa) sequence, building not only strength but stamina and flexibility. With a focus on alignment and the awareness of breath and movement, this class is an opportunity to deepen your time on the mat.

Mommy Yoga | 10:30 am – 11:30 am 

This is a class for moms wanting to relax, re-energize and breathe. Bring your child with you but take some needed time for yourself in a supportive space with other moms. The class will guide you through breathing techniques and various yoga poses intended to decrease tension in the body, gently rebuild strength, and increase flexibility with moms in mind. 

Beginner Flow | Wednesdays 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm

Come join us for this dynamic yoga flow, geared specifically for beginners. Movements are designed to be accessible to all levels of strength, flexibility, and familiarity with yoga, and instruction is clear and thorough. Our welcoming community encourages you to define your own practice, connect with your body, and explore options that feel empowering and invigorating to you.
Hatha | Thursday 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Hatha Yoga is defined as movement that develops strength, flexibility, bodily relaxation, and mental concentration. Hatha classes are designed for mixed-level participants and provide a balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles.

Virtual Fitness Programs

The Town of Hay River is happy to offer virtual fitness programming to increase our fitness class offerings. Virtual programming is taught from instructors on the TV in the room. Classes start automatically at the scheduled class times.

Since the classes run without a Town of Hay River staff member in the room it is required that before participating in any Virtual Fitness Class participants must sign a liability waiver.

Liability waivers can be picked up and signed at the Hay River Community Centre Customer Service Desk.  Signed waivers are kept at the Customer Service Desk.


Revolution is a Spin class. The instructor leading the class is using a different style of bike and gear progressions will be different. Classes are coordinated to the music making full-use of the additional benefits it provides. Slow building climbs that have you pushing to go further. Fast-paced sprints keeping you racing to the finish. 

Fitness Instructors

The Town of Hay River is happy to work with fitness instructors who are interested in running fitness classes. We have a wide variety of fitness equipment and are happy to include different fitness programmings into our schedule. 
If you are interested in teaching fitness classes please reach out to the Recreation Programming Supervisor.