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Fire & Emergency Services

The Hay River Fire Department, under the leadership of a career Chief, is comprised of twenty-nine dedicated members, which include two Deputy Chiefs, four Captains, and firefighters who provide fire, rescue, and ambulance services to the community and areas about 800km of the NWT Highway System.

Our members meet every Thursday for training and every weekend for weekly equipment checks and maintenance. Our training includes Certified NFPA 1001 training, Hazmat Training to Operations level, vehicle extrication, burn scenarios in the training tower, and basic equipment review.

Response Equipment

The equipment consists of one 1989 Ford/Superior 1050 Triple Combination Pumper, one 2004 Freightliner/Fort Garry 1050 Triple Combination Pumper, one 2017 Freightliner/Fort Garry 1050 Triple Combination Pumper with CAFS, one 1998 Freightliner Tanker with 750 GPM Pump, one 1994 F750 Ford Heavy Rescue, one 2004 F550 Ford Fort Garry Highway Rescue, one 2018 F350 Ford Chief’s Truck, one 1994 E350 Ford/McCoy Miller Ambulance and one 2014 Freightliner/Tri-Star Medic.


At year-end 2020, we responded to 552 Medical calls, 45 False Alarms, 15 Fires, and Rescues, and the members contributed about 4,030 hours of their time, not including home study and standby time.