Finance and Administration

The head of the Town’s administrative office is the Senior Administrative Officer (SAO). The division directors who are responsible for their respective divisions and services, report to the SAO.

The Senior Administrative Officer provides leadership and direction, and is responsible for the co-ordination of information with all divisions while ensuring that the policies of Council are effectively implemented.

The Senior Administrative Officer is Council’s principal advisor on matters of policy. The SAO is responsible to Council for the efficient administration of all Town activities, while various division directors are responsible to the SAO for the efficient operation of their divisions and services.

Our Human Resources Division is committed to supporting our staff in their role to better serve the needs of our community. This division provides a full range of services to help the town implement and achieve its objectives, such as job recruitment and retention, training, performance management, organization development, employee and labour relations and health and safety.

The Council of the Town of Hay River are currently preparing for the 2024 Operations and Capital Budgets.  To follow the progress, please go to: or click the 2024 Budget link in the side bar.