How do I open or close an account for water?

You can access the water connection/disconnection forms on our website or at Town Hall. Completed forms need to be delivered to Town Hall in person. All customers are required to pay a connection fee of $15.75 (including GST) before a connection request can be processed. A meter deposit is required from all customers at locations that receive water via underground pipeline. The deposit amount for residential customers on piped water is $110.00. If you’re connecting water for commercial or industrial use, please contact us for the meter deposit amount. Please note, the connection fee of $15.75 must be paid by all customers but no meter deposit is required in areas that receive water via truck delivery.

We require notification of account connection or disconnection 5 business days in advance to allow time for processing and scheduling these changes to your service.

If you are a renter, you and the property owner must sign connection and disconnection forms.

For information regarding water rates in your area, please contact Town Hall.