How do I apply for a business license?

To apply for a business license you will need to complete a Business License application form, which are available at Town Hall or on our website. Please note that the class of business will determine the cost of your business license. All business licenses MUST be approved by our Bylaw Division.

  • Commercial $100.00
  • Home Occupation $132.50
  • Student $10.00
  • Seasonal Tourist $50.00
  • Non-Conforming $188.00
  • Non-Resident $275.00
  • Salesperson Sub-License $25.00


If your class of business is Home Occupation you will also need to complete a Home Occupation Development Application, which costs $50.00.  If you do not own your home, you must have the permission of the owner to operate your business from the location. Once your application is approved by our Development Officer there is a two-week waiting period in case there is an appeal. After this time period has elapsed, the Town will issue the business license and you can proceed to operate your business.