Vision & Values

Enhancing growth and development

  • Attract more people to live, work and play in Hay River to expand our population
  • Ensure there is land available for current and future development
  • Support healthy living and wellness opportunities
  • Partner with community groups to make our Town even better

Reaffirming our role as a strong regional centre

  • Welcome people to come visit and work with us
  • Be “the Hub” and welcome economic development to our Town
  • Promote regional facilities and services- e.g., the new hospital, the pool and arena
  • Welcome the circumpolar world to the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games

Providing strong core municipal services

  • Ensure essential municipal services (water and sewer, roads and protective services) are efficient, high quality and effective

Strengthening our operational excellence

  • Ensure essential municipal are efficient, high quality and effective
  • Maintain an efficient, well run Town with quality programs and services
  • Lobby for adequate/appropriate funding from the GNWT
  • Establish service level standards for our programs and services

Supporting our staff to provide outstanding service

  • Strengthen the Town’s reputation for excellent customer service
  • Engage and empower our staff as partners in delivering great programs and services
  • Enhance internal coordination and communication to build a great team
  • Support staff to accomplish goals and tasks through work-planning, guidelines and solid leadership
  • Maintain a stable, strong senior management team