Mayor Brad Mapes

About Mayor Brad Mapes

Mayor Brad Mapes is a 45 year resident of Hay River with a drive to move the community forward. He married his high school sweetheart, Colette and raised three beautiful daughters in Kiera, Kassidy and Ciara. Brad and Colette are proud grandparents of one young robust boy named Madden.

Brad’s family roots are deep in the commercial fishing industry which still plays a major role in the local community. Brad’s father, John, started the company Wesclean Northern Sales Ltd, and Brad slowly was brought into the company. Like many of the local businesses, Brad, a second generation family member took over the reins of the family business. Brad expanded the business with adding new lines and also expanding the sale area to include the entire NWT and Nunavut. He also started a few other companies to add to the family business.

Brad has a passion for community wellness and that can be seen from his many community involvements. That maybe created by watching his parents and other community members volunteering over the years of growing up in Hay River. He started at an early age of 18, volunteering as an athletic coach for Diamond Jenness Secondary School and moved into classroom volunteer at Harry Camsell School. You can find him still every Tuesday morning, working with the Grade one classes. Brad has also volunteered in the past with Minor Softball, Family Support Centre as board member and presently as the chair of the Hay River Museum.

Mayor’s Vision for Hay River

Brad has always looked to create opportunities for growth for the community of Hay River and surrounding communities. Our community is more than just Hay River as we have many surrounding communities that play a huge part in the wellbeing of Hay River. He is bringing more communication with the surrounding First nation, Metis and communities as they all need to play a part in moving our community. He is a firm believer that our community has many members that have the passion to create a strong and successful future for our town of Hay River. He has brought into the running of the town, the small committee groups that will give local residents the opportunities to bring their knowledge to move our community forward.

There are many challenges for our community but we have always found a way to keep moving forward. Brad is ready for the challenge and with the help of the council and the entire community, we will succeed.

Brad’s vision for the community is to bring our community pride back front and centre to drive our town to succeed. It will take more than the mayor and council to succeed but it can start the ripple effect throughout our community.

You can contact Mayor Mapes at: [email protected]