Deputy Mayor Donna Lee Jungkind

About Donna Lee

Donna Lee moved to Hay River in 1987 from Northern Manitoba with her parents, brother and two sisters. She graduated from Diamond Jenness Secondary School.

Donna Lee started working for Kingland Ford 22 years ago during High School, and is currently the Recreational Vehicle Sales and Finance Manager.

She has been involved in many different organizations over the years; Jetboat, Snowmobile and Stock Car Racing, Hay River Playschool, Hospital Foundation and Chamber of Commerce. She also previously served as a Town Councillor from 1997-2000.

Donna Lee and her family left Hay River from August 2008 – April 2011, and moved to Fort McMurray. She thinks her time away from Hay River was extremely valuable as it gave her a renewed appreciation for the North, and it helped to show her what potential there is out there for the North. Donna Lee’s family moved back to Hay River because the North has been good to them and they missed Hay River’s greatest attribute, the people. Her husband still works in Fort McMurray and commutes from Hay River on a weekly basis.

Proud to Live in Hay River

Donna Lee has five nieces and nephews in Hay River and its important for her to have a community for them and her daughter that they can grow up in and be proud of. Everywhere she goes she is proud to tell people where she’s from and what Hay River has to offer, and she wants the next generation of her family to grow up with that same feeling. Hay River is her home and the North is where her family wants to invest their time and energy. For this reason, Donna Lee decided it was time for her to get back into the business of working with the community on shaping and developing Hay River’s future. She is very much looking forward to working with the new Mayor and Council as she believes they all share a vision of stability and prosperity for the Town of Hay River.

You can contact Councillor Donna Lee at: [email protected]