Capital Projects

In Progress

2023 Budget : $2,430,000

Funding Source:  $2,430,000 External Grant

This is a multi-year project to replace infrastructure, complete a base upgrade and pave Industrial Drive from Spruce Road to Poplar Road.  Work is set to start on July 17, 2023 with mobilization of crew and equipment.  Construction hours are from 7am to 7pm.  For any questions about the jobsite, please contact Angus Pardy, Site Superintendent at 709-884-7368.

Funding Stage

2023 Budget $1,500,000

Funding Source: $1,400,000 External Grants, $100,000 Town Funded

This project is still in the design and budget stage and is intended to provide an uplift and paving of a portion of Airport Road.  The project will also provide flood mitigation for the Cranberry and 553 areas.

2022 Flood Damage

Funding Approval Stage

2023 Budget: $1,360,000

Funding Source: $1,360,000 from Insurance

This project is intended to complete repairs from the damage done during the 2022 flood and consider any flood mitigation opportunities.


In Progress

2023 Budget: $900,000

Funding Source: External Grant

This project will create some flood mitigation measures along the west channel by the West Point First Nation.

In Progress

2023 Budget: $800,000

Funding Source: Land Pre-Sales

This multi-year project is close to having lots available.  Remaining work will also assess any potential flood impact for any required mitigation.   Information about available lots for sale will be made public once they are ready.

2023 activities include:

  • Pressure and bacteria testing of the water lines has been completed
  • Placing of roadway aggregate will be completed by the end of the June
  • Shallow utility installation will occur later this summer/early fall


2023 Budget: $600,000

Funding Sources: $450,000 from external grants, $150,000 from town sources.

This phase of the project is to create engineered drawings for the Sundog Development.  Hay River is in negotiations with an anchor tenant currently for the development.  Moving forward, a rollout plan for full development will be created

In Progress

2023 Budget: $540,00

Funding Sources: $405,000 external grant, $135,000 town funded

This multi-year project will be completed this year.  The remaining work is to complete the driveway and lawn reclamation work.

2023 Budget: $300,000

Funding Source: External Grant $225,000, Town Funds $75,000

This work will complete the Bob McMeekin project that aimed to update the facilities while providing flood repairs.  One of the remaining items will be the installation of the new entrance sign, scheduled for late June to early July of 2023.


In progress

2023 Budget: $300,000

Funding Source: External Grant $300,000

 This project will be to remove the hazardous material in the old town hall and then demolish the building and remove the debris.  The project is scheduled to occur this summer.