Property Standards

UNSIGHTLY AND NUISANCE PROPERTIES are a detriment to surrounding properties and the immediate neighborhood in general, by attracting rodents, vermin or insects and depreciating the value of the surrounding lands. The unsightly or nuisance land may also be a safety, health and fire hazard.

The Unsightly Land By-law applies to all properties (residential, commercial and industrial) within the Town of Hay River.

The Town of Hay River “Unsightly Land Bylaw” No.2009/GEN/06 defines the following:

2.     t. “unsightly land” means any property or part of it which is characterized by visual evidence of a lack of general  maintenance and upkeep and/or by the accumulation of;

i.      any rubbish, refuse, garbage, papers, packages, containers, bottles, cans, manure, human excrement or sewage or the whole or part of an animal carcass, dirt, soil, gravel, sod, petroleum products, hazardous materials, disassembled equipment or machinery, broken household dishes and utensils, boxes, cartons, fabrics, household appliances and furniture;

ii.   equipment or machinery which has been rendered inoperative by reason of its disassembly, age or mechanical condition;

iii. animal material, yard material, ashes, building material and garbage as defined in this Bylaw;

iv.  all forms of waste, refuse litter as defined under this Bylaw;

v.   in the case of external surfaces of buildings unsightly land means unauthorized signs, posters, billboards, graffiti, obscene or offensive symbols, words, pictures or art; and may include but is not limited to dilapidated paints, siding, trim, roofing material, soffits, facia material and eave troughs.

2. l. “nuisance” means a condition of property; a thing; a plant; or an activity; that affects or may affect the amenity of a neighborhood or the safety, health and welfare of people in the neighborhood, and includes a building in a ruinous or dilapidated state of repair; an occupied or unoccupied building that is damaged and is an imminent danger to the public safety; land that is overgrown with grass and weeds; untidy and unsightly property; junked vehicles; or open excavations on property.

2. k. “junked vehicle” means any automobile, tractor, truck, trailer or other vehicle that either, has no valid license plates attached to it; or is in a rusted, wrecked, partly wrecked, dismantled, partly dismantled, inoperative or abandoned condition;

Should a property not be cleaned up as directed in a “Clean-Up Order” the Town may clean up the land and add costs to the property taxes for that land.