Animal Control

In accordance with Town of Hay River By-Law No. 1957A/ADMIN/11 “Animal Control By-Law” this division deals with issues such as:

  • Dogs off leash
  • Barking dogs
  • Biting dogs
  • Prohibited animals

How do I purchase a dog license?

The Town of Hay River requires dog owners to register their dogs.

11. No person shall own, possess or harbor a dog over the age of six months unless such dog is licensed pursuant to the provisions of this bylaw except in the following circumstances:

a. A service dog employed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

There are two types of dog licenses available:

Permanent license:

A permanent dog license is a lifetime tag that is FREE. However, you need to bring in a vet bill that proves your dog is spayed or neutered.

Temporary license:

A temporary dog license is good for only one year and must be renewed every year. This tag costs $25.00.

If your dog loses their tag a new tag can be purchased for $2.00.