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Under the direction of the Director of Public Works and Services, the Development Officer issues building and development permits required to construct, renovate and/or alter existing or new buildings or structures and conducts all building inspections.

The Building Permit Process

If you are planning to build, renovate or change the use of a building or property you will require permits from the Town. The Development and Building Inspections Division is responsible for issuing Building Permits as well as Development Permits, Demolition Permits, Moving Permits, the erection of signs and amendments to the Land Use Bylaw, Electrical and Gas permits are done by the G.N.W.T Inspections Department.

Development Permits

Prior to applying for a Building Permit, a Development Permit may be required for your project. Development Permits deal with a development’s impact on surrounding properties and are required for most projects requiring a Building Permit, change in use or in intensity of use of any land, building or premises. Applications for Development Permits are reviewed for conformance to the current Zoning and Building Bylaw by the Development Officer for total conformance and once approved must run a 14 day appeal period.

When Do You Require a Building Permit?

Building Permits deal with the structural sufficiency of buildings and the health and safety of the building’s occupants. A Building Permit is required for construction, repair, reconstruction, relocation, addition to or structural alteration of any building. Building Permits are not required for fences and sheds less than 150 sq. ft.

In all cases where the National Building Code applies, the drawings shall be certified by a professional engineer or architect as to the safety of construction, for protection and other structural considerations, except for single family dwellings, which may be reviewed by the Development Officer where no certificate has been submitted.

Making an Application

Application forms for Development, Building, Occupancy, Moving, Utility, Demolition and Sign Permits are available at the Town Hall Front Receptionist Desk. When applying for these permits, ensure that sufficient information is provided in order to show that the proposed work will conform to the Town of Hay River’s current Zoning and Building and the current National Building Code. Plans are required to be drawn to scale and must indicate the nature of the work in sufficient detail so that the proposed work will continue to the Bylaws and the National Building Code.

Preparing Plans

Preparing drawings requires a solid knowledge of building codes and regulations, site plans showing the location, dimensions and yard set-backs of all existing and proposed buildings, structures or uses on the property. Plans and elevations of all proposed buildings showing dimensions with specifications and notes of materials used, lot coverage, lot areas, floor areas, the location of any easements affecting the site, servicing schemes, existing and proposed entrances and any other additional information the Development Officer considers necessary to verify the compliance of the proposed use or development with the regulations of the Current Zoning and Building Bylaw. We recommend that you find someone with a background in this area who can help you prepare your plans.

Proper plans help to ensure that your application is processed quickly and minimizes problems during construction.

Processing the Application

Once your Development Permit is approved, the Building Inspector will review your Building Permit application. If the information submitted with your application is complete, your permit will be issued promptly. If the plans do not comply or are incomplete, you will be asked to make appropriate changes to the application. You will be contacted when your permit is approved and ready for pick-up. You will be given a list of required inspections that will be required by the Inspection Department.

Please note that your Building Permit is not valid until you receive your permit for posting on site.

Processing Times

Processing times for Development Permits, the Development Officer and Council shall expeditiously determine such application for development permit within forty days (usually done within one week depending on work load), when approved a 14 day appeal is required, if no appeals the development permit is valid. The Building Permit is usually approved at the end of the 14 days. An incomplete application or drawings with insufficient information will delay the process.