Hay River Almanac


3,611 (2007 Statistics)


Latitude: 60 degrees 49 minutes N
Longitude: 115 degrees 47 minutes W
Elevation: 164.90 metres


Road Distance to: Km
NWT/Alberta Border 127
Fort Providence 176
Edmonton 1067
Yellowknife 494
Fort Smith 280
Fort Simpson 438


Hay River's climate is temperate at best and wide fluctuations can be expected at all times of the year. The Great Slave Lake, due to its size, has dramatic influences on local weather. Summers are shortened but the extended daylight makes for long, relaxing days. Winters have been known to be very cold, however most days present clear skies.

Prevailing winds ENE at 12.1 kmph
Prevailing winds ENE at 12.1 kmph
July Mean Temp High 21.1 C
Low 10.6 C
January Mean Temp High -23.1 ºC
Low -27.6 ºC
Mean Annual Precipitation 32.0 cm
Mean Annual Rainfall 20.3 cm
Mean Annual Snowfall 12.6 cm
Hours Sunlight (Dec. 31) 7:45 hours
Hours Sunlight (Jun. 30) 19:04 hours
Mean Last Frost June 20
Mean First Frost September 15
Mean Frost Free Days 95 days


The Town of Hay River is situated directly in the Aurora Borealis ('Northern Lights') viewing belt, and spectacular displays are commonplace between late August and October. Remember, viewing the lights are very rare but  still possible during the summer, as the amount of daylight increases.