Bring Your Camera!

It is certainly a fact that you are driving - or canoeing or walking - through a vast wilderness and your expectations may be high about seeing wildlife. And we know you mean by that something bigger than a squirrel or a rabbit. However, you may be disappointed: the wildlife of the NWT is just that - wild! And it is not on a schedule or receiving pay for public appearances.

There is just no guarantee that you will see a moose, bison, caribou, bear, wolf or deer  while you are in the NWT. On the other hand, you just may see all of the above and bald eagles, beavers, muskrat, porcupine, and coyote as well - they're all here and you could get the shot of a lifetime if you're in the right spot at the right moment. The very early morning hours and those of late evening are good times to observe animals - being quiet and waiting patiently in a spot may well reward you with a perfect sighting.

So it pays to have your camera with you at all times, because the North is a fantastic place to photograph, whether there's an animal in your lens or not. Please remember, though, the animal in your viewfinder is wild: for your own safety and that of the animal, exercise caution at all times and practice common sense safety rules.


Scenes of lakes at sunset, water tumbling and foaming over falls, a perfect blossom of fire weed with a huge bumble bee hanging out on the petals, a bear cub running for Mum, crazy ravens and gulls drifting in the wind, an eagle dishing the lake or river, an angler bringing in that fat pickerel or the purple school, Diamond Jenness Secondary School bathed in the glow of late evening sun - all these make great photos to take home with you where they will awaken memories of your visit to Canada's most special place; the North.

For avid bird or flower photographers, Hay River has some perfect shots one of them  (for birds) being the sewage lagoon cells where a multitude of birds can be found during migration time.

Flowers are everywhere and if you use close-up lenses, you can be just about certain to get some lovely shots. Many of our flowers are alpine, but you will also find many you recognize - and our wild roses in June are truly a lovely sight.

If you like action shots, then check out the beaches and those baseball games and the golf course; all provide excellent opportunities with backdrops of the wilderness and remarkable clarity of light which will give you such pleasing results.