Hay River Cross Country Ski Club & Nordic Centre

The Hay River Ski Club Nordic facilities are the pride of our local outdoor winter sports scene, celebrating the energy and vision of skiers, snowshoeing enthusiasts, biathletes, and the community of Hay River at large.

Over forty years have passed since the first rustic spruce log ski cabin was built to accomodate a hardy 'Three pin' wooden ski, classic crowd. This dedicated bunch succeeded in establishing, promoting and developing programs that have earned local, Northwest Territorial and National recognition for excellence.

Inuvik's famous Firth siters, Sharon and Shirley, who along with their talented Northwest Territorial team mates represented Canada at winter olympic games throughout the 1970's and '80's were an inspiration to nordic program builders in Hay River.

Hay River Ski Club biathlete, Brendan Green, became the first Northwest Territorial athlete in twenty-eight years to represent northern Canadians when he skied for Biathlon Team Canada at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Brendan Green continues to represent Canada on the 2011 - 2012 Biathlon World Cup racing circuit.

Located 10 km south of the Town of Hay River, today's, Nordic Centre operates out of a cozy modern clubhouse situated high on the banks of the Hay River. 20 km of groomed trails offer opportunities for snowshoeing, classic or skate skiing over an exciting mix of trails: along the twining meanders of the Hay River, through winding sheltered aspen and birch forest, up and down ancient and modern river carved hills. In addition, we have 10 km of trails lit, open for night skiing.

The ski club building equipped with a kitchenette, waxing room, ski and snowshoe storage space, is ideal for families, racers, and touring ski enthusiasts. For major ski events, such as the annual Ptub Race and Arctic Winter Games biathlon and ski Territorial trials, both the ski club and sizable golf buildings open wide to capacity crowds. Social and recreational events are scheduled throughout the winter season which runs from November through to April.

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