Local Campgrounds

Local Campgrounds

The Hay River Territorial Park and Campground is located on Vale Island on those sandy shores of Great Slave Lake. The campground itself (21 bays, some with electricity, showers, laundry facilities) is set back in a wooded area, connected to the beach by trails. There's a central gathering building, picnic, day-use area in the campground, as well as a number of firepit facilities on the beach, where you will also find a large shelter which provides an enclosed dining area with a wood stove.

The nautical theme of the park was specially designed to reflect the harbour town aspect of Hay River - even the extensive playground equipment carries this theme. Beach volleyball can be played on two 'courts' - kids can build wonderful sandcastles (adults, too, of course) and grassed areas with picnic tables are plentiful.

While it's safe to swim along this shore, there is no life guard on duty and all the usual precautions should be taken.

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Although the Territorial Campground in Hay River is located directly on the shores of Great Slave Lake and is minutes from downtown, there are still many Campground facilities in our surrounding area. Known for being the Hub of the North in the transportation and business industry, Hay River's central location doesn't stop there. Another popular campground to visit when staying in Hay River is the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park. This site features several campgrounds, a picnic area for day use,  lots of walking trails and of course easy access to Louise Falls and Alexandra Falls.


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The other campground featured in Hay River`s Surrounding Area is the Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park.


Along with several Territoral Campgrounds in the Hay River area, there are also many privately owned campground facilities, please see the Business Directory for more information.