2 Seasons Adventures

2 Seasons Adventures

Contact: Spencer Pike

Address: 24 Industrial Drive, Hay River, NT X0E 0R6

Phone: (867) 446-1178 or (867) 875-7112

Fax: (867) 874-6633

Email: [email protected]

2 Seasons Adventures is a family-owned company. Their professional guides boast a lifetime of experience enyoying the unique lifestyle of the Canadian North. They are the local experts on outdoor adventures from Hiking, Fishing, Jet Boating, and Snowmobiling.

Camping is one of the essential outdoor offerings that 2 Seasons Adventures does best:

Their family-friendly campsites will not only satisfy the camper who craves a genuine rustic experience, but also the more discerning camper who prefers modern amenities. 2 Seasons Adventures' campsites are spacious and private.

2 Seasons Adventures offers campsites directly on the beach. Imagine camping on the shores of the Great Slave Lake, within steps of an unspoiled, sandy shoreline that stretches for miles. Hay River is widely known for having the best beaches in the Northwest Territories.

Winter Camping might be a new concept for the southern traveler, but it is something that adventurers in the Canadian North have been doing for generations. 2 Seasons Adventures has perfected winter camping. Their yurts and cabins are all-season and offer a warm and cozy vantage point for experiencing our spectacular Aurora Borealis and starry nights.

2 Seasons Adventures looks forward to helping you create new experiences and stories, or to help you revisit favored ones.

Customizing your adventure tour package is easy. Just check out 2 Seasons Adventures fishing, boating, off-road, nature trail and lodgiung offerings and get in touch with their expert team. They look forward to introducing you to Hay River and the Canadian North.

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